Prepared For Publishing

Publishing is a cutthroat business. Why not arm yourself with every available weapon before going off to war?

A twenty-something with a MA in publishing, doling out her experiences and related stories.

Publishing is hard to get into! If any of you are on twitter, have queried (successfully or unsuccessfully), or know anyone who’s gone through the process, you know it’s not for the faint of heart or the impatient! Get to know the publishing world a little better with the skills I’ve learned through my MA in publishing, job experience at a publishing house, and my personal experiences in coming at the industry as a writer.

Expertises & Experiences

Digital Marketer

Social media, content, and copy manager. Facilitates ebook and digital promotions domestically and internationally. Ad campaign manager on various platforms.

Beta reading & Critiques

Critiques semi-clean drafts professionally, focusing on what is missing and what is done right, rather than just raving about characters and the story.

Flash Fiction/Fiction Editor

Acquisitions editor for various years in both works of fiction and flash fiction.

Editing—Developmental, Copy, & Line

Edits for content, grammar, and consistency. Note that each of these sects of editing are a different job and that some editors do just one, a few, or all, but each is generally charged separately, as they require full read-throughs for each editing type.