Teacher: Maddy LeMaire?

Me, an overeager, overachiever: Present!

Author. Editor. Teacher.

Most people are overwhelmed when they’re thrust into something new they’ve never done before. It’s human nature to fear what we don’t know. Even those of us that have been doing something for years–when the opportunity comes to learn more about what we consider ourselves to be pretty versed in, anxiety can start to grow. My posts are dedicated to those authors just starting out, those that are writing their first novel with some tips and coping mechanism under their belt, those who are querying actively, those who have published (trade or self), and basically anyone in the publishing and writing industry who just wants to lean more in a field they’re interested in. Even with a MA in publishing and MFA in creative writing, I still am constantly learning and looking up new tricks, techniques, and knowledge over the constantly changing landscape that is writing and publishing. But, having a bit of an upper hand from studying these two subjects intensively, I hope this becomes a space where authors of all types–genre, style, and positions in life–can come together and learn skills or terms or tips that help further their education and better their writing and knowledge of publishing in the long run.

What are a few of the things I’ve studied?
  • Copy, line, and developmental editing
  • Poetry, Non-fiction, Short Story, Flash Fiction, and Novel writing
  • Writing techniques & tricks
  • Literary theory
  • Critiquing
  • Writing styles
  • How to teach
  • Branding yourself
  • Publishing history
  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Business of Publishing

A little about me

In 2019 I acquired a Master’s degree in Publishing (MA) and a second Master’s in Creative Writing (MFA). The program and requirements have changed since I’ve left, the main one being, I think, the concentrations in my publishing program, in which I have a double concentration in editorial and business of publishing. As far as creative writing goes, while I jumped out of my preferred bubble a little, I focused on novel writing. My program, unlike so many, allowed, encouraged, and celebrated genre fiction and other types of “lesser” literature that many programs who focus only on literary fiction will tell you. While at school I served as both the fiction and flash fiction editor of our literary magazine Rathalla Review. 

I studied not only writing technique, literary terms, theory, publishing history, editing history and marks, a myriad of genres outside of my norm, marketing, author branding, but so many more topics. I also was able to be not only a writer but also a critiquer, an editor (developmental, line, and copy), a collaborator, a teacher, an integral part of theory and literary discussions, but I was also (and still am!) part of a very strong community of alumni and current students. My MFA was, by far, the best thing I’ve ever spent money on (by this I mean took out loans for), and I would highly encouraging anyone who’s tempted or interested to research MFA programs that fit their needs and apply.

Outside of writing, I love photography, editing photos, research of many kinds, brushing up on a slew of mythologies, baking, cooking, casually making covers for fun for my finished books, learning any and everything that interests me–and teaching others about the things I find fascinating. Thus, this blog: Twitter Facts Are Not Facts was born!

Oh, and I’m constantly making memes and gifs that pertain to my life and friends.